• How To Treat Fungus Toenails
    How your podiatrists in Manhattan, NY, can help you get relief from toenail fungus Toenail fungus is easy to pick up. The fungus that burrows underneath your toenails thrives in warm, Read more
  • Your Guide To Preventing Corns and Calluses
    Corns and calluses are thick, rough areas of skin that tend to develop on the feet due to issues with footwear or other issues that cause friction and irritation. Corns Read more
  • The Importance of Diabetic Foot Care
    If you’re living with diabetes, Dr. Sorelis Jimenez and Dr. John Fletcher at Foot Health Podiatry provide diabetic foot care in Manhattan, NY to minimize the risks to your feet. How Read more
  • Reducing Symptoms From Plantar Fasciitis
    Plantar fasciitis is known as heel pain and can make it hard to feel comfortable walking after sitting for an extended amount of time. Your feet may feel sore and Read more
  • Nail Fungus - Symptoms and Causes
    Toenail fungus is not something most people want to discuss, but if you are concerned about your foot health, you will not want to ignore the symptoms of fungus toenails Read more
  • Caring For Painful Bunions
    Are you looking for help with painful bunions in Manhattan, NY? If so, you probably understand that they can be a significant quality-of-life issue. Fortunately, this is not something you Read more
  • Heel Pain: Common Causes and Treatments
    How your podiatrists in Manhattan, New York can help with your heel pain Heel pain isn’t just annoying—it can also be debilitating if it keeps you from standing, walking, or even Read more
  • Common Foot Injuries
    Pain, swelling and redness are symptoms of a foot injury. You should not ignore these problems, but instead, seek the help of your local podiatrist. At Foot Health Podiatry in Manhattan, NY, Read more
  • Preventing and Treating Athlete's Foot
    Do you feel like you are constantly dealing with athlete’s foot? Let us help. Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that usually causes an itching, burning rash on the feet (usually Read more
  • What You Should Know About Ingrown Toenails
    Most people, at some point in their lives, will experience the discomfort of an ingrown toenail. This condition, which is also known as onychocryptosis or unguis incarnate, is one of the most Read more
  • Caring for Your Feet When You Have Diabetes
    Suffering from diabetes comes with a variety of extra daily tasks such as checking your blood sugar or administering doses of insulin. However, one thing many people overlook is the Read more
  • The Many Causes of Ankle Pain
    There are many sources of ankle pain due to the complex array of tendons, ligaments, tissues, and bones in the foot that are susceptible to painful and debilitating injury. The Read more
  • Treating Your Bunions
    You stand on your feet almost constantly throughout the day. When you were younger, your feet felt fine, but now those long hours on the job leave you with an Read more
  • High Heeled Shoes Are Bad for Your Feet
    More women are choosing to forego the wearing of high heeled shoes as sales of the constricting and uncomfortable footwear continue a fast decline in favor of flats and other Read more
  • Peroneal Tendonitis and Treatment Options
    Peroneal tendonitis is a rather uncommon injury that can cause considerable pain on the outside of the foot and possibly along the outer area of the lower leg. Since this Read more
  • Treating Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome
    Tarsal tunnel syndrome is a condition that is similar to the wrist condition called carpal tunnel syndrome, with which many people are familiar, except the tarsal tunnel is located near Read more

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